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‘NCIS’ season finale spoilers: Billy Dee Williams back, funeral for Gibbs' dad

Cast of NCIS poses during filming at cemetery
NCIS/Official Twitter account

The fans of “NCIS” will need a box of tissue for the season finale of the show. While details of the final episode are being dished out in small nuggets, a big confirmation came from Billy Dee Williams. According to Enstarz on Saturday, the actor will return to the cast for another episode honoring Ralph Waite and reprise his role as Leroy Jethro Moore.

“Great day on the set of NCIS!” tweeted Billy Dee Williams from his official Twitter account. The popular entertainer was part of one previous episode.

Billy Dee Williams was in the October 2012, episode called "Namesake." He was revealed as good friend of Gibbs' father, Jackson and was the man who the NCIS agent was named after. The story in “Namesake” surrounded friendship during combat between Leroy Jethro Moore and Ralph Waite’s character who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ father. It was one of the most intense shows in of the season and gave a perspective of how veterans from previous wars had intense memories of the past.

The photograph offered up to fans of the set was taken by Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby Sciuto. Sharing that the characters were dressed in black and looking somber, the segment definitely was about a funeral taking place and all of the cast was around to offer their goodbyes.

While most fans are saddened about the loss of Ralph Waite, the legendary actor offered up some wonderful acting during his career. Considered a veteran actor whose career spanned over 50 years, Waite died on Feb. 13 at the age of 85. It was a huge loss for “NCIS” and also for “Bones” where he played a character on the FOX show as well.

According to The Spec, the season finale will offer closure for the characters (and the fans) as they pay respects to Gibb’s father in a very kind and honorable way. While the details of exactly how the season finale handles the farewell haven’t been released, Ralph Waite really was considered part of the “NCIS” family so everyone expects that the star will have his moment on camera.

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