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‘NCIS’ season finale spoiler: Expect to cry during Ralph Waite tribute

Mark Harmon helps with Ralph Waite tribute on NCIS
Mark Harmon helps with Ralph Waite tribute on NCIS
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Ralph Waite will get a tribute on the upcoming season finale of “NCIS” this week. The special actor has been part of the show playing the dad of Agent Jethro Gibbs and was loved by the team. While fans take a minute to remember the man and the character, the proper season finale sendoff might have fans reaching for a box of tissues. According to the Los Angeles Times on Friday, the season finale of "NCIS" remembers the dearly loved actor Ralph Waite.

There is plenty of crime to be solved for the team as well. The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship, which also served as a detention site for terrorists who had been indicted, was accidental or an intentional diversion for prisoner escape. The clues seem to reveal a pattern not previously known by the government. There is national security at stake and the investigation has many people concerned at the results.

Meanwhile, Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) travels home following the news about his father's passing. The impact of the death seems to hit the whole team and it’s a moment where everyone comes together to give the proper respects to the man and his family. Looking to be a difficult moment, viewers are grateful the show offers up a tribute to a man who was loved by everyone.

The late Ralph Waite died in February and was seen in “NCIS” as well as the show “Bones.” Known for his acting ability, the star will be missed by the fans and the cast. Looking to say goodbye, there is going to be no shortage of tears for this moment. The episode is a tribute to both the character and the actor. It will be difficult to watch this final farewell as Ralph Waite will definitely be missed.