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‘NCIS’ season finale honors Ralph Waite; Agent Gibbs starts new boat in basement

Mark Harmon helps with Ralph Waite tribute on NCIS
Mark Harmon helps with Ralph Waite tribute on NCIS
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The tears from the season finale had fans around the country bonding over the farewell of Agent Gibb’s father played by Ralph Waite. With overwhelming fan approval, the show gave the proper tone to the goodbye of a very beloved character and a good friend to the cast members. According to Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday night after the show, the fans got to see Agent Gibbs already start on the new season with plans for a new boat.

There was a moment for fans watching Gibbs, surrounded by his friends and accepting the flag from his father’s coffin, that was difficult to not tear up, but the tears really started to flow after the ceremony. Yes, when Agent Gibbs pulled out that little boat and began drawing new plans. It was a moment that everyone realized was the beginning of a new season and a new boat. What is he going to build next season? So far no word what boat he might be replicating.

The Agent Gibbs scenario of a boat in the basement has always intrigued the viewers who watch “NCIS.” People appreciate a fine craftsman, but more importantly everyone is curious how he actually gets the boat out of the basement. That is one question every diehard fan wonders.

Next season “NCIS” will have new cases, new crime and even a new show (that spin-off of “NCIS: New Orleans,) but fans can always count on Agent Gibbs retreating back to his boat after a long day of work to make a new craft to share it with the fans.

Exactly what Agent Gibbs and his team will be doing next is yet to be revealed. With so many crimes to solve, there is no doubt the top rated show will continue to bring in the viewers and offer up more stories in the next season.