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‘NCIS’ season 12 spoilers: Cote de Pablo might return, Agent Gibbs mystery wife

Mark Harmon plays Agent Gibbs on NCIS
Mark Harmon plays Agent Gibbs on NCIS
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The fans of “NCIS” are already speculating what might happen in the upcoming season when the popular CBC show returns. As the passing of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ father was on the season finale, there is more and more speculation that Agent Gibbs will again be the center of attention next season, but this time because of a wife. According to Ecumenical News on Thursday, there might be a new actress introduced next season and this mystery woman was once married to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The relationships around Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs have always intrigued the fans of the show. There is something mysterious with a character that focuses solely on his work and doesn't talk about his personal life. It seem almost unnatural in a way. And in another way it would be the perfect coworker. While some fans love to dig deeper in to the characters presented on television, one back story people are desperate to find out is about Gibbs’ ex-wives and how his past shapes the future.

The idea of getting personal with ex-wives has been confirmed by TV Line for the next season. Looking to dish dirt on the third wife (who is expected to be a redhead,) one of the "NCIS" producers, Gary Glasberg suggested that the upcoming season could unveil the identity.

Another hot topic for the upcoming season is if Cote de Pablo will return to play Ziva David. While fans would love to see it happen, according to the Latin Times on Tuesday it sounds like the idea has been shelved, at least temporarily. Needing the character to organically come back into the story, there would need to be an opening where the Ziva could be part of the dialog again without it being forced. So having Cote de Pablo return might happen, but only if there is a story opening.

There is no doubt that “NCIS” fans can hardly wait to see what crimes the unit solves in the upcoming season. After the show was renewed, the fans were jumping for joy as it is one of the most popular programs on television and people have put in time to get to know all the characters. Offering up a little bit more detail on Agent Gibbs in the season ahead has the fans excited too as the agent always seems to know exactly what to say to his team and all the suspects he has nailed over the years.