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‘NCIS’ season 12 spoilers: 2 new characters expected to join cast next season

Mark Harmon's character Agent Gibbs reveals an ex-wife on NCIS
Mark Harmon's character Agent Gibbs reveals an ex-wife on NCIS
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Fans of “NCIS” are still buzzing about the season finale of the popular reality show. There have been many rumors on what viewers should expect and fans of the CBS show have some ideas on what they would like to see. However, it appears the show has a few ideas of their own and will be introducing new characters in season 12. According to Hollywood Hills on Wednesday, there will be two new faces to join the cast. This spoiler of two new character has viewers surprised as originally it was expected that there would only be one new face.

The first character to be introduced is Agent Gibb’s ex-wife. This has been an interesting point for the fans over the past few years. Viewers have wondered who she was and why she was so secretive. Apparently, she is going to be showing her face and giving everyone a few juicy nuggets on her life as the former Mrs. Gibbs.

Another new face will be Ellie Bishop’s husband. As Bishop was recently introduced, it appears that the fans (as well as the writers) are looking to give more of a story on who Ellie is and why she is so good at what she does. According to NCIS Source on Wednesday, it will allow another character a chance to be part of the show. As the low key agent has played only a minor part of the show since coming on board, an introduction to her family will help fans better understand the character.

While “NCIS” fans will need to patiently wait for the new season to begin in September, there appears to be plenty of work for the writers of the show after their hiatus. Looking to please the fans and bring some new faces to the program, there are high expectations for the upcoming season.