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'NCIS' season 11 episode 13 preview: Dr. Cranston returns as McGee struggles

"NCIS" season 11 continues next week with episode 13, "Double Back," and on Tuesday, Jan. 7, CBS released a new sneak preview teasing what to expect.

'NCIS' season 11 episode 12 "Kill Chain"
Sonja Flemming/CBS

In "Kill Chain," the team was momentarily duped by Parsa (Karan Oberoi) into thinking they were safe and the drone had been destroyed, only to realize too late that Parsa had played them and was targeting the same gala where McGee (Sean Murray) was Delilah's (Margo Harshman) date and her work was being recognized. When the episode ended, four were dead, many were injured, and Delilah was in surgery.

In the next "NCIS" episode, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the team track down one of Parsa's cohorts using evidence from the drone attack. Meanwhile, an emotionally shaken McGee struggles with the ramifications of the attack. Wendy Makkena returns as Dr. Rachel Cranston, and given what happened, it's easy to guess how she fits in.

The "Double Back" promo begins with an explosion. Meanwhile, Delilah's not doing so well in the hospital, and when McGee returns to work, Rachel warns Gibbs that his judgement could be impaired. "You're more important than the job," Gibbs tells his agent, but McGee disagrees. Poor McGee!

"NCIS" season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What do you think of this episode 13 "Double Back" preview?

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