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'NCIS' 'Page Not Found' recap: Tough decisions

'NCIS' season 11 episode 20 "Page Not Found"
'NCIS' season 11 episode 20 "Page Not Found"
Robert Voets/CBS

The Tuesday, April 8 episode of "NCIS" brings Delilah back as she turns to Gibbs and his team for help when she gets nowhere with her boss. Meanwhile, McGee has something he wants to ask Delilah, but she has something she wants to talk to him about as well.

"NCIS" did the impossible and managed to bring out someone in the CIA worse than Trent Kort. Hard to imagine, right? Delilah is determined to dig into the murder of a naval intelligence officer overseas, despite her boss telling her she never saw an email about laying low in Virginia, and so she turns to Gibbs. Lieutenant Jones had been trying to take down the bad guys' version of However, they suspect that Jones faked his own death and is now the one running the site, but that would mean he left his fiancée, Melody, right before their wedding.

Tony and McGee visit the former webmaster of the site, but she's already been offered a new deal by the time they see her, so they don't get much from her. They do find CIA Case Officer Jim Brisco parked outside the prison, and he tells them they're interfering with an ongoing CIA operation. Brisco explains that the CIA pulled Jones out and faked his own death for a deep cover to help with a money laundering operation and insists that he's nothing like Kort. (Spoiler alert: He's not. He's worse.)

NCIS is determined to get into the for traffickers, and that means enlisting help from one of Delilah's ex-boyfriends who uses the site to buy and sell steroids. After a fun-for-Tony-but-not-for-McGee interrogation, Sampson helps them out, and they're in, but there are classified security protocols on there that suggest that Jones was a double agent. Well, that theory doesn't last long once they realize that a tissue they found in an apartment was Jones' and there are signs of malnutrition and sedation. He's a prisoner.

Jones is smart and left them breadcrumbs to trace, and that leads them to the hospital where the apartment building's landlord is having surgery, but when they manage to steal the hard drive from his laptop, it's blank. Someone knew they were coming. One-second phone calls from the restaurant where Jones and his fiancée were supposed to have their reception to Melody lead them to Jones – and the truth. Brisco is the one who was holding him prisoner and torturing him for codes so he could sell the intel. But he's not working with the landlord, who knows about as much about technology as Gibbs (the extent of his knowledge is AOL and an old flip phone). His daughter is, to pay for med school, and she makes a deal. In the end, Jones reunites with his fiancée in time to get married.

Meanwhile, both McGee and Delilah turn to Tony for advice about things that would affect the future of their relationships, and while Tony may not have much luck in the romance department himself, he does end up helping out the couple. (Tony and Delilah's friendship has been delightful. Also, kudos for the callback to "SWAK") While McGee is looking to ask Delilah to move in with him – he's even talked to his landlord about making sure his apartment is accessible for her – she's been trying to prove herself for a senior analyst position in Dubai.

Thanks to Tony's meddling, McGee's side of their conversation goes a bit differently from what he had planned originally as he tells her to take the job if that's what she wants, and it is. Ever since the accident, normal has changed for her, and her old job isn't her anymore. However, one thing hasn't changed: her feelings for him. He's still the guy she wants to be with, and she's only going if they can make it work. That means that key has now become a "for when she gets back" key, and so begins a long distance relationship. Considering how relationships have gone for this team before, we can only hope it works (and not just so Margo Harshman returns as Delilah in the future).

"NCIS" season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of episode 20 "Page Not Found"?

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