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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ billboards hit LA: Scott Bakula greets 'NCIS' fans

NCIS: New Orleans billboards hill Los Angeles
NCIS: New Orleans billboards hill Los Angeles
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Fans of the hit series “NCIS” should be ready for Scott Bakula’s return to the prime time slot in the fall and just to make sure nobody misses the popular star's debut, signs around Los Angeles have gone up to highlight the new show “NCIS: New Orleans.” According to TV Guide on Thursday, “NCIS: New Orleans” will air their season premiere on September 23, but before then drivers can catch a glimpse of the stars of the show on the billboards strategically placed around town.

The signs are quite impressive and impossible to miss (even if driving the speed limit in Los Angeles.) The big faces of the four primary cast members offer a look at the main characters of the show with a very intense look. Without question every driver gets the idea that the new show is going to reflect on the franchise that has built a strong following over the years. Now fans can indulge in a new show with the same premise, but in a different location.

While the fans are excited about the new show, there is another gigantic reason that has everyone ready to watch the show. The New Orleans NOLA newspaper is reporting that the U.S.S. Kidd will soon be the newest cast-member of "NCIS: New Orleans." The historic naval warship will be closed to the public next week, from August 18 through August 22 for filming. Having the chance to show a piece of local history and remind everyone why they need to tune in, it sounds like the upcoming season is adding as much local flavor as possible.

So how will “NCIS: New Orleans” be different than “NCIS?” Fans did get a small taste of what might happen with a cross over show last season, but now the show will need to fly on its own. Will it manage to attract any attention? If the billboards around Los Angeles are any indication, this show is going to do just fine! And we can hardly wait to see how this show manages to compete in the fall schedule.