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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ spoilers: White Ghost identified, defuses missile in 31 minu

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans will have be tense for at least 31 minutes. The latest episode of the series once again puts Los Angeles in danger as a missile is heading to the United States. This “NCIS: Los Angeles” spoilers offers details on the episode “Zero Days.” According to the Epoch Times on Friday, the episode reveals how the skilled team works together to make sure there isn't an attack on American soil.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” team is called in for a case that doesn't start off with a crime. They are to determine if the computer system that controls Russian missiles is at risk after Eric overhears his friend, a computer systems expert, being attacked during online game play. When there is confirmation, a countdown begins with nothing short of a miracle being needed.

Meanwhile, NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye is shocked when a familiar face from her past shows up in Afghanistan. The White Ghost that she is sent to shoot appears to be Jack Simon. Once engaged to the Marine, there was a break up after issues with PTSD. With so many questions and few answers it could be Kensi’s decision not take the shot in previous episodes might come back to haunt her.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode of “Zero Days” will be seen on Tuesday, March 25 at 9 p.m. ET. Fans will want to watch the next couple of weeks closely as the storyline will unite the entire team with an even that happens overseas.

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