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'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 6 premiere spoilers and photo: Sam and Callen trapped

'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 6 premiere "Deep Trouble, Pt. II"
'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 6 premiere "Deep Trouble, Pt. II"
CBS, used with permission

There's still about a month to go until the "NCIS: Los Angeles" season 6 premiere, "Deep Trouble, Pt. II," but fans don't have to wait any longer to get a look at what to expect. On Thursday, Aug. 28, CBS released an official description and the first promotional photo from the episode.

In the "NCIS: LA" season 5 finale, Sam and Callen had boarded a submarine filled with ammonium nitrate. They ended up trapped with three terrorists, without any way to communicate with the team, and when Kensi and Deeks got to the dock, the submarine was gone. Meanwhile, Hetty was called to Washington as part of a full investigation into the White Ghost business, and she was leaving as the finale ended.

Now, the season 6 premiere synopsis reveals that the terrorists have aimed that armed submarine Sam and Callen are trapped in to hit an aircraft carrier in San Diego. So not only does the team have to figure out how to save them, they also have to focus on preventing this terrorist attack. With two members of her team in danger, Hetty defies orders and forgoes her trip to Washington, which then begs the question of what this will mean for Hetty after they've saved Sam and Callen and stopped the terrorist attack.

The first "Deep Trouble, Pt. II" photo (to the left) shows Sam and Callen in the submarine, and it looks like claustrophobia is going to be the least of anyone's problem. The water level is rising.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" season 6 premieres Monday, Sept. 29 at 9:59 p.m. on CBS. What do you think of these first details and the first photo for "Deep Trouble, Pt. II"?