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'NCIS: Los Angeles' 'Deep Trouble' review: Trapped

'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 5 finale "Deep Trouble"
'NCIS: Los Angeles' season 5 finale "Deep Trouble"
Cliff Lipson/CBS, used with permission

The Tuesday, May 13 episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles," the season 5 finale, "Deep Trouble," ended with a cliffhanger, but was it that shocking? It did leave us wanting it to be September sooner rather than later, but not in the same way as last year.

Did the show put Sam and Deeks in such a dangerous and brutal situation last season that no "NCIS: LA" finale will ever be able to top that in terms of the shock factor? Maybe. Last season, even though we had a pretty good feeling that Sam and Deeks would make it out of that torture hell, it was still a major move, one that resulted in "Descent" being maybe the cruelest season finale of the spring. This year, we weren't left feeling that same heightened sense of "What happens next?" That's not to say this wasn't a good episode, because it was, but it wasn't the best. Maybe the show set too high a bar for itself with the season 4 finale. Whatever the reason, it did amp up the show and led into a strong fifth season, and "Deep Trouble" did not seem on the same level as that. That could always change with the season 6 premiere.

Who's in "Deep Trouble"? With that out of the way, let's focus on the season 5 finale. A gang's fun and games was ruined when a body fell off a bridge. So much for anymore fooling around with alcohol and fire. The victim was Lieutenant Commander Steven Hill, an engineer officer on a nuclear sub. He had been missing for nearly a month, and while the autopsy report came back declaring C.O.D. a cocaine overdose and signs of repeated needle use, she insisted that couldn't be true. Then they learned that he died before he went off that bridge, and it began to look like someone made it look like a suicide.

They tracked down the kid who had been filming the gang when Hill hit the ground, and while what he knew wasn't useful, what he got on his phone was, because Eric was able to do his magic and track down the car heard in the background, thanks to the engine's acoustic signature. However, when they got to Michael Wilson's house, the people inside started shooting at them and even threw out a grenade. Sam threw it back, and after that, it didn't look like they'd have anyone left to give them answers. A woman was found inside, shackled to the bed and shot in the face.

Enter Talia. She was following the Brotherhood because they move half of the meth on the West Coast, and they were forming new alliances. The woman in the house turned out to be Jennifer Anderson, whose husband owned a yacht building company. Though he originally told Sam and Callen that she was in Europe with a friend, when they told him what happened, he said they swore they wouldn't hurt her. Drug dealers wanted him to design and build a submarine, and they were supposed to release her that day, after their run. Nell found another car at Wilson's house, and the GPS led them to a dock – and ultimately the submarine.

Initially, Sam stayed on the dock, but after Callen found ammonium nitrate inside and someone began shooting at him, Sam joined the party. The only problem was, he ended up on the submarine with Callen as they checked it out, and they were trapped when three men boarded it – and their communicators weren't working. The men locked them in the room, and when Kensi and Deeks got to the dock, the submarine was gone.

Haunted by the Ghost Meanwhile, Granger found Hetty to tell her what she already gathered: the White Ghost came back to haunt her. The official word was administrative leave pending a full investigation. Someone in Washington was conducting a witch hunt, and while Granger had nothing to do with it, Hetty considered that the problem. "If you are not watching my back, then you might as well be stabbing it," she told him.

Both times Kensi tried to talk to her and asked her if it had to do with Afghanistan, she sent her back to work, but Hetty did tell Nell that it was the fallout of the White Ghost incident. She also said she'd check in every day, and if she didn't, she had directions for her to follow as soon as possible. Hetty has seemingly been grooming Nell for something. Is this it? When Callen and Sam later questioned Granger, he just told them that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat it and that their fairy godmother wouldn’t be around to protect them. That, combined with that look back of Hetty's as she left was very ominous. Uh-oh.

Flirting with Densi Finally, Kensi and Deeks' dance around each other continued, and when Talia showed up, Kensi's jealousy made itself known with a neon sign, skywriting and several punches to Deeks. (Poor Deeks. Last season, he was tortured in the finale. This season, he got punched more times than we could count.) She glared when Talia greeted Deeks with "What's shaking, partner?" and a hug, and she pushed when Deeks denied noticing that Talia was attractive, leading to him admitting, "I've not noticed that she's not not attractive." "She's beautiful," Kensi argued. "You're beautiful," Deeks immediately replied, and Kensi punched him again, for good luck?

The season also ended with what happened between Kensi and Deeks that night still somewhat of a mystery, and the speculation can continue after Talia called Deeks out on being "madly in love" with Kensi and he tried to deny it, saying they had more of a brother/sister relationship but not really answering when asked if they ever… Even when they should have been focused on the case, Kensi and Talia took the time out to one-up each other while distracting Deeks as they went over their intel.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" will be back for its sixth season in the fall on CBS. What did you think of the season 5 finale "Deep Trouble"?

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