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'NCIS LA': Season 5 wraps with new teasers for Kensi, Deeks and the gang

Fans of "NCIS Los Angeles" are preparing themselves for the end of season five. A cliffhanger has already been teased for the episode, and it will end during the season six premiere next fall. On May 2, the NCIS LA Twitter gave fans a sneak peek of one of the locations featured in the finale. The episode will involve a submarine. The brief clip showed the inside of the sub. With the cast starting to wrap production, it is clear that the finale is near.

Deeks and Kensi will need to save Callen and Sam at the start of season six of NCIS Los Angeles.
Daniel Ruah Instagram

What will happen during the season five finale? Callen and Sam will have a case that will involve the submarine showed during the sneak peek. This duo will need to stop the drug cartel from transporting a large amount of cocaine using this submarine. The mission becomes to find it as quickly as possible. However, the pair will be in danger during the episode, according to Fashion & Style. They will face a situation that looks close to ending them.

As for Hetty, she will be forced to go to Washington to handle the mess surrounding Kensi's mission to Afghanistan. Deeks and Kensi will have to deal with the return of Agent Talia. However, they will need to focus their attention on rescuing Sam and Callen during the season six premiere. With the connection between the season five finale and the season six premiere, both episodes have been filmed already.

What will happen during the season six premiere? According to Enstarz, Deeks and Kensi will take to the air in a helicopter to rescue the other half of their team from the sub. It will start to take on water during the climax of the season five finale. The site shared behind the scenes photos from the filming of the episode. Dennis Smith is director for this episode, and he also revealed that a "chick fight" will take place during the episode.

Does that mean Kensi will fight Talia? Fans will need to tune in to find out. "NCIS Los Angeles" will air its season five finale on May 13.

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