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'NCIS LA': New spoilers tease big moments for Deeks, Kensi and Sam

Fans of "NCIS Los Angeles" will want to watch the next episode. "Three Hearts" is set to answer a lot of questions about the relationship of Deeks and Kensi. The pair have not been able to address their relationship on the series. However, the episode will have a big mission for Sam as well. On April 11, David Kalstein, a writer for the series, shared a teaser for the episode on his Twitter. He teased that fans will see Sam go undercover, and he will take on his most 'dangerous undercover persona' ever on the series.

Sam, who is played by LL Cool J, will work with his partner to go undercover and investigate Agent Paul Angela. The partners will try find out more about his criminal activities while inside the smuggling ring. He has gone rogue. Hetty will need to send Sam in to take down the agent. Sam and Callen will need to work together to find out what is happening.

However, a good part of the episode will involve Deeks and Kensi. That pair will try to figure out their own relationship. Kalstein dropped more hints on his Twitter about the episode and this pair as well. He revealed that the pair will pick up their talk from "The Frozen Lake" on this episode. This was right before Kensi was shipped off on her mission to Afghanistan. Previous spoilers have teased that this episode will be huge for the couple.

Kalstein also shared another teaser on his Twitter on Saturday. He asked about the mysterious box. It will come into play once again before the season ends, and it looks like this week's episode will be the place it pops back up. Will Deeks finally open up the box and find out what is inside? Fans will need to tune in to find that out for themselves. It is just clear that this episode is one to watch because a lot will happen during the episode. "NCIS Los Angeles" will air "Three Hearts" on Tuesday night.

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