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‘NCIS’ introduces fans to ‘NCIS: New Orleans’; Agent Gibbs works special case

Scott Bakula takes on NCIS with a spinoff show based in New Orleans
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The fans of “NCIS’ have to be thrilled that the show is coming back from summer hiatus and will be kicking off the new season soon. However, before the characters return to work solving crime in Washington, DC, Agent Gibbs goes to New Orleans to help solve a crime in Louisiana. According to WUSA on Tuesday, the “NCIS: New Orleans” show and characters are carefully introduced in a two hour “NCIS” special.

This isn't going to be your typical "NCIS" show as the flavor of New Orleans is flowing in every scene. The murder of a Congressman in New Orleans reunites Gibbs with a former colleague in a joint NCIS case that opens the door to a new “NCIS” series. Showing how crimes are solved, the opportunity to explore the area and see new character will have some help as Agent Gibbs introduces the viewers to the new show (while solving the first case in the area.)

The fans haven’t decided if an offshoot of the series is a good idea. Skeptical with any changes surrounding the “NCIS” formula, the mere thought of a producer tinkering with the characters gets viewers upset (don’t even get fans started about Cote de Pablo leaving the show last season.)

Will “NCIS: New Orleans" offer up the same intensity as Agent Gibbs and his team gives from Washington? NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (played by legendary actor Scott Bakula) will have to prove to the viewers he is the best agent NCIS has along the Gulf of Mexico. Adding New Orleans to the mix just might be the perfect recipe as few shows have been set in the city and fewer have offered the flavor of the town on a weekly basis.

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