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‘NCIS’ fans want Ziva David back; 60,000 write to request Coté de Pablo’s return

Ziva is wanted back by fans
Ziva is wanted back by fans
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

NCIS is one of the most popular television shows on CBS. In fact, it’s one of the most popular shows on TV. So there is no surprise at the uproar of the character Ziva David leaving the show in season 11 as fans adored Coté de Pablo’s character, but what is surprising is that the fans are still holding a torch for the idea that the actress will return. According to News 4 - WHBF, on Thursday, the fans are asking CBS by the thousands to return the popular character to the show.

Apparently 60,000 people have voiced their concern about the loss of the popular character. Loving the friction between Tony and Ziva and giving everyone a good laugh, it seems the character is really wanted back on the show. That’s not to say that Agent Bishop isn’t loved, but she doesn’t seem to have the necessary elements for fans to forget who came before her. That requirement is essential as viewers are starting to feel she was a replacement far short of what was needed.

As huge fans of NCIS ourselves, it’s quite obvious that the character’s shoes haven’t been filled even though it has been a while. There is something lost on the show and it needs to be found. While solving murders might be the specialty of Agent Gibbs and his team, the chance to embrace viewers before they move on is important. Even if that means tying up lose ends and explaining what happened to Ziva Divid and her journey after she didn’t return home.

Agreeing with the idea that Ziva David needs to return? Think too much time is being given to one character? The sparing of the NCIS choice is found on Ranker. And it is fair to say that few television characters like Ziva have ever been given so much attention after they are gone for a series. CBS needs to take note of this and maybe (and we say this respectfully) consider finishing out Ziva’s story line.