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'NCIS' 'Dressed to Kill' recap: Jumping to right and wrong conclusions

'NCIS' season 11 episode 16 "Dressed to Kill"
'NCIS' season 11 episode 16 "Dressed to Kill"
Richard Cartwright/CBS

With Tuesday, March 4's "NCIS," "Dressed to Kill," the series celebrates its 250th episode and brings back Robert Wagner as Tony's father, but like always, he's keeping something from his son.

Despite this being the 250th episode of "NCIS," it doesn't feel like much of a milestone episode. Perhaps that's because we've gotten so used to shows going all out for special episodes like this, and instead, it seems like the series celebrates the occasion quietly (both episode-wise and promotion-wise). But maybe that's a good thing. After all, this is the show's 250th episode, and while its previous milestone episodes have been quite memorable, this one isn't as much but it doesn't need to be. There's a reason why it's in its 11th season, and it doesn't need to bring out the sparkles and the champagne and the giant flashing neon signs to alert us to the special occasion. Instead, the team does what it's always done and solves a case, and Tony finds out once again that his father's been hiding something from him.

The case itself isn't anything memorable and won't go down as one of the series' top cases, as it all begins when Tony can tell by just looking that a man dressed as a Navy officer isn't one and ends up shooting him in an alley, with his father the only witness. There seems to be a bit too much disbelief that Tony, who has been working for NCIS for years, could tell just by looking, and the agent assigned to Tony's investigation doesn't win any points with anyone, but since it turns out the man Tony shot had just come from shooting someone else, it's a lot easier to close that file than it has been sometimes in the past when Tony has found himself the subject of an investigation.

The case does allow for some entertaining moments, especially when Tony learns that the man he shot was a P.I. and he falls into the world of private investigating, but the Senator's secretary seems just a bit too upset to have just been sad that someone who started working somewhere the same time as she did died, so when it comes time to figure out who in the Senator's office is responsible, we're just waiting for her phone to ring when McGee calls it. She was dating the P.I., so those tear of hers had been for him, not for the guy she worked with, and it all had to do with analyzing ports and a bill that was waiting to be passed. The P.I. had been dressed as a Navy officer because the guy he shot was expecting to meet a Navy officer.

Meanwhile, Tony's father has "great news" to share with his son, but he keeps putting off telling him, so that when he does, it's not the complete story. Instead, he just tells Tony he's getting married again, this time to his soulmate, and he wants to wait for him to meet her so he doesn't tell him anything about her. However, during their investigation, McGee and Bishop see Senior going into a hotel room with a young pregnant woman, so everyone puts the pieces together and arrives at a conclusion that's not so crazy since it involves Senior. McGee's right when he tells Bishop it's wise not to get involved in DiNozzo family affairs, but Bishop easily cracks when she's left alone with Tony.

Senior turns to Gibbs for help since Tony stops answering his phone because he knows that Gibbs has been a better father to Tony in the last 12 years than he has been Tony's entire life, and when Gibbs tells him what they all think, Senior reveals that the pregnant woman is his fiancée's daughter. Gibbs then forces Tony to go hear his father out, and Senior explains that he's afraid of how he'll react to the woman he's marrying: Linda, his godmother and his mother's best friend. He insists they didn't have an affair when his mother was alive, but Tony still struggles with it.

Tony admits to Gibbs that he feels like he's betraying his mother because Linda was her best friend, and his boss suggests that Senior feels the same way and needs his approval. Gibbs is, of course, right, and when Tony tells Senior that his mother would approve, it's what his father needs to hear. With that, it's time for a family dinner.

Now, this might sound like we don't like the episode, but that's not true. It just isn't anything special and despite liking that, it does leave it a bit lacking as a memorable episode. That said, it's always nice when "NCIS" explores the agents' personal lives, and we always love it when Robert Wagner returns as Senior. Plus, it's good to see the show explore Tony's family.

"NCIS" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of episode 250 "Dressed to Kill"?

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