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'NCIS' 'Crescent City: Part II' recap and review of the New Orleans team

'NCIS' season 11 episode 19 "Crescent City: Part II"
'NCIS' season 11 episode 19 "Crescent City: Part II"
Skip Bolen/CBS

The Tuesday, April 1 episode of "NCIS," 11x19, "Crescent City: Part II," wraps up the case in New Orleans and offers what could be the last look at the New Orleans team.

Copycat or the real deal? Another body is found, killed in the same way, but this guy isn't military or a civil servant. Instead, he likely just saw their killer dumping McLane's body. It's a search to identify the copycat, meaning Ducky gets to use his expertise and read all of the Privileged Killer's fan mail. With the "NCIS" team split up, we get Fornell, Vance and Ducky in scenes together, and honestly, it's a shame we couldn't get more of that because of the time spent in New Orleans. But they're forced to ask themselves if it's possible that, like the man declared Privileged, Lorta, had claimed, McLane had manipulated evidence and the real killer was still out there.

Thanks to a tip from a kid who's more likeable than some of the new team members and is learning from an early age to get paid for what he knows, they find out that the person who killed the FBI agent wore a white uniform jacket, which matches up with forensic scientist Wendell Hobbs' findings that clothing fibers under the latest victim's fingernails are from an old Navy jacket. After a false lead that just leads to a staged suicide, both the DC and New Orleans teams finally get on the right path and figure out that Privileged is sort of a family business, with the son taking over for the father, and McLane had been killed because he was going to talk. He had accepted the bribe because of family health problems.

In DC, the father kills himself after knocking McGee out, while in New Orleans, they chase the son down in a cemetery (anyone else reminded of "The Originals" with that cemetery?) and kill him before he can kill another victim.

Voodoo doll Tony Bishop sends Tony a voodoo doll of himself with the note, "Little Tony will bring you good luck and happiness," but that doll just brings Tony headaches – and not because someone decides to take it out of his trash can and put a needle in its head.

Should "NCIS: New Orleans" be a series? Unfortunately, we're going to have to say no. This week's episode didn't change our minds about the team. We'd love to see more of Pride, Loretta and even Wendell (especially more of Loretta and Wendell's dynamic), but this isn't a team we'd tune in every week to watch – and it's hard to see a spinoff lasting as long as "NCIS" or "NCIS: Los Angeles" have. Have Loretta consult via video chat with Ducky once or twice. Call up Pride for something from his and Gibbs' past. Give us Abby and Wendell chatting all things forensics and music. But as its own show? It's hard to see that with what's in "Crescent City." (And it would have been nice to see Tony and McGee interact with the New Orleans team; maybe that could have changed things.)

Maybe if a few things are tweaked (but keep the cast, the team's offices and Pride's gun!) from what we saw in these two episodes, a series could work. For example, characters don't need to have quirks like Lasalle's Lego bricks everywhere (In a laptop? How did that even happen?) or Brody's crossword puzzles, there doesn't need to be constant reminders that we're in the south and enough with the food because a procedural crime drama doesn't need to make us hungry.

The scene with Lasalle at the bar getting coffee and stopping a robbery seemed a bit unnecessary; we get it, he doesn't need to use his gun to stop a guy. Brody's past is either unnecessary or setting up something that would come if the spinoff gets picked up, but it's glossed over pretty quickly and she's basically a member of the family by the end as they head off to another case and for more food.

Oh, and if "NCIS: New Orleans" does exist in the future, please bring back Felix one more time, or at least bring him on "NCIS."

"NCIS" season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of episode 19 "Crescent City: Part II"? Do you want to see "NCIS: New Orleans" become a reality?

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