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NCAA tournament brackets 2014: Best teams projected for 2014 brackets by ESPN

Tennessee became the latest victim of the Florida Gators on Saturday (March 15).
Tennessee became the latest victim of the Florida Gators on Saturday (March 15).
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

NCAA tournament brackets 2014 projections have been updated by ESPN. Within the 2014 NCAA Tournament brackets, college basketball analyst Joe Lunardi has an interesting top two lines when it comes to the schedule. According to his updated report from Saturday (March 15), Villanova is still in line for one of the top seeds when the NCAA Selection Committee reveals its decisions.

On the top line he has Florida as the overall No. 1 and the top seed in the South. He has Arizona in the West, Wichita State in the Midwest, and Villanova in the East as the top four teams. On the next line, he has Kansas in the South, Duke in the West, Wisconsin in the Midwest, and Michigan in the East. Having Kansas and Florida in the same region certainly makes that a tough one on paper, plus he has Syracuse as the No. 3 and Kentucky as the No. 6 in the South.

When it comes to the conference bids, Lunardi now has the Pac-12, Big Ten, and Atlantic 10 all getting six teams each. He gives the Big 12 seven selections, though, making it the top conference in these projections. There is likely to be even more shifting when it comes to the 2014 NCAA Tournament brackets and the projections from ESPN in the coming hours as other games play out. One big change from today was Wisconsin getting moved out of the South and "up" to the Midwest bracket. They are a team threatening to steal a top seed (as is Michigan).

The Wisconsin vs. Michigan State game late on Saturday and potentially the Michigan vs. Wisconsin game on Sunday (March 16) to decide the Big Ten championship could also shake things up a bit.