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NCAA takes dynasty to the internet


With E3 in full effect this week, there is a lot of information that will be pouring out of Los Angeles over the next couple of days. However, one of the bigger announcements for NCAA Football 11 came late last week as the development team announced that online dynasties are being taken to the web.

While this announcement may not be significant for individuals who utilized Madden’s web based features from last year’s title, it is worth noting that the NCAA version carries some distinct differences than it’s pro counterparts. First, almost everything within the dynasty can now be done online through any gadget with internet access, minus playing actual games. That means users can complete their recruiting, change their depth chart or look at stats without having to be near their console. Likewise, the dynasty will also have an e-mail component, sending out e-mails to users for various reasons. This could be used to let the commissioner know that everyone has completed the week, or to let that one lazy friend know that they need to get online and play their game. Aside from the increased accessibility, the ability to access the dynasty for almost anywhere will go a long way to help people stay active in their dynasties, especially those who have a large number of users.

From a journalistic standpoint, this also represents a new way to reach out to readers. Since all of the dynasty information will be available via the web, I can use this tool as a way to introduce new gamers to the mode as well as allow people to directly see my experience with the game. Before it’s release in mid-July I will be posting a list of possible teams to start a dynasty with and will let viewers vote for their favorite.

 NCAA Football 11 will be available July 14th at Gamestop and Best Buy locations throughout New England. The demo is now available via Xbox Live and PSN.

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