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NCAA seeks wrestling fans’ opinions on their experience at championships

NCAA wants you to weigh in with your opinions on their wrestling championships events
NCAA wants you to weigh in with your opinions on their wrestling championships events
Logo courtesy of NCAA, used with permission

Want to give the NCAA a piece of your mind about its wrestling championships? Now you can, thanks to an online survey seeking input from fans who have attended an NCAA championship event at any level – Division I, II and/or III.

Most of the questions are either multiple choice or simple yes/no format; there are a couple opportunities for written responses. It took this writer about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Much of the survey is generic, applicable to any college sport championship event. (Wrestling fans will realize this in an instant, with questions about pep bands and cheerleaders, and references to “players” instead of wrestlers, and “floor” instead of mat). However, for respondents who indicate they attended an NCAA wrestling championships, questions geared to the oldest and greatest sport are revealed towards the end of the survey.

One of the questions related to wrestling asks fans “What aspect of wrestling has the greatest negative impact on the sport?” Among the response choices: stalling… skin infections… not enough emphasis on dual meets… singlets… and complicated scoring.

Yet another question: “What would like to see added or eliminated to increase scoring?” Survey participants can select from a number of options, including “Add a required stalling call, or ‘aggressiveness point’ in scoreless periods"… add more team points for major decisions, technical falls and pins… make offensive takedowns worth three points (while defensive takedowns would remain two points)... and eliminate riding time.

Most of the questions sought input on the fan experience at any NCAA championship event (not just wrestling), with a number of questions dealing with ease of access to the internet via mobile devices, and the quality of video displays within the arena. In addition, the NCAA would like to know if respondents recall seeing or hearing various NCAA promotional messages such as there are student-athletes competing in 89 sports. There are even questions concerning what kind of music you’d like to hear inside the venue.

The survey also takes fans outside the arena. NCAA Fan Fest also gets its own set of questions, including “How much time did you spend at Fan Fest?” and “What would like to see added to Fan Fest?” The NCAA also wants to know what you thought of availability and pricing of actual event tickets, flights, hotels, car rentals, and meals and entertainment… and your overall score for the host city for the NCAA wrestling championships you attended.

In addition to asking about past experiences, the NCAA is also forward-thinking, seeking fan opinion on a dozen possible host cities. Among the contenders: Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, and St. Louis.

Even though much of the survey is rather generic (then again, you may think pep bands and cheerleaders would add some additional excitement to the wrestling championships), it’s certainly worth the 10-15 minutes’ time for mat fans to let the NCAA know what they think of college wrestling's ultimate event.

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