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NCAA rules meetings in Naples covering a variety of topics

NCAA rules meetings in Naples, FL discussing ways the game could change
NCAA rules meetings in Naples, FL discussing ways the game could change
National Collegiate Athletic Association

The NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee is meeting this week in Naples, FL to discuss potential rules changes for the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel to see in June. 2014-15 is a rule change year for college hockey, as the committees look to improve the game at the Division I and Division III levels.

We’ll be discussing a couple of potential changes in this piece, and they concern overtime as well as video review.

Currently, in the regular season, a few leagues, including the Big Ten and National Collegiate Hockey Conference, use shootouts to break ties in conference regular season games. There is a proposal being considered this week that’d make the shootout uniform across all of the sport. There are also NHL style options (four on four for five minutes) and expanding the time in overtime that are being discussed. If you recall, overtime was under the microscope during the last series of rules changes prior to 2012-13.

There is also discussion on how to improve the video review possibilities. There is a proposal floating around where officials will have the right to go to video before adding a game misconduct or disqualification to a major penalty. “The idea is similar to basketball in that if you have any video that is available to you that can definitively show that something was incorrect and you can fix it, we should use whatever means that are available,” said Steve Piotrowski, supervisor of officials for the Big Ten and the NCAA rules secretary.

I like this idea, not because it gives the officials more power, but rather, I like it because a review would give them the ability to get the call absolutely correct.

This is an exciting time in the game as the NCAA gets ready for another season on the ice.

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