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NCAA March Madness: 35 challenging college hoops trivia questions and answers

NCAA March Madness
NCAA March Madness
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Now that the ACC tournament is over, it’s time to get ready for the 2014 NCAA March Madness Tournament. Game day can fill your house with revelers or just family with a few friends; however it’s still fun to have some March Madness trivia questions and answers available for fun times and for guests to show off their knowledge of college hoops!

Have some fun with these NCAA March Madness trivia questions by cutting them out and placing them in bowl or bag decorated with your favorite teams. Have a horn by the basket and tell your guests to honk the horn when they want to challenge someone else with their college hoops knowledge; or simply honk the horn and whoever is closest to the bowl gets to read a March Madness trivia question.

35 of the best NCAA March Madness trivia questions and answers:

  1. What exactly is March Madness? A national college basketball tournament
  2. March Madness is also known as? The Big Dance
  3. Which team has won the most National Titles in the history of the NCAA Tournament? UCLA
  4. Which are the only two teams to play in the Final four in their hometown? Butler and UCLA
  5. Which college/university has won the most March Madness or Men’s Division I basketball titles? UCLA
  6. As of 2013, the March Madness tournament is consisted of how many teams? 64
  7. How does a team earn a chance to compete in March Madness? Win its conference tournament and Earn an at-large bid
  8. Which of these teams declined an invitation to the Big Dance after finishing the regular season undefeated? Kentucky
  9. What is the all-time largest margin of victory in a NCAA men’s basketball championship game? 30 pts
  10. March Madness was first contested in what year 1939
  11. True or False. The legendary coach John Wooden led the UCLA Bruins to 7 consecutive national titles. True
  12. What is the only year in which all four number 1 seeds made the Final Four? 2008
  13. The Villanova Wildcats beat the Georgetown Hoyas to win the 1985 NCAA Basketball Championship - what seed were they? 8
  14. In 2006, arguably the most improbable Cinderella made it to the Final Four - who was it? George Mason Patriots
  15. During the opening round of the 1993 Tournament who did #2 Arizona lose to? Santa Clara
  16. How many times has a #11 seed reached the Final Four? Twice, LSU in 1986 and George Mason in 2006
  17. #1 Houston and Phi Slamma Jamma were upset by #6 N.C. State in the 1983 title game - who scored the winning basket? Lorenzo Charles
  18. Which team is the most recent team to repeat as National Champions? Florida
  19. The remaining four teams (semifinalists) in March Madness are called? The Final Four
  20. According to the NCAA, which of these teams won a national college basketball title, having ranked #1 in a national poll entering March Madness? Arkansas
  21. Which city has hosted the 2nd most Final Fours since 1939? New York City (7)
  22. Which team has made the most official Final Four appearances, with 18? North Carolina
  23. Which team has won the most National Championships in the past 10 years? 3 way tie: Florida, North Carolina and Duke
  24. What is the lowest seed to ever make the Final Four? LSU in 1986 and #11 George Mason in 2006
  25. Which player scored the most points in NCAA Tournament history for a single game? Carmelo Anthony
  26. Since 1939, which city has hosted the most Final Fours? Kansas City
  27. The first jump shooter in major college basketball led his team to the NCAA title. Who was he? Kenny Sailors - Wyoming
  28. Who holds the record for most points scored in a National Championship Game? Kevin Durant
  29. Which national champ won both their semi-final and championship games in triple overtime, playing 110 minutes in the Final Four? North Carolina in 1957
  30. Which school first made it to five consecutive Final Fours? Cincinnati
  31. Who was the last "one-and-done" freshman to win the National Title before going to the NBA? Carmelo Anthony
  32. What active coach has the most tournament titles, with three to his name? Mike Krzyzewski
  33. What is the record for overtime games for one school in an NCAA Tournament? Syracuse
  34. Which team has won the most National Titles in the history of the NCAA Tournament? UCLA
  35. Which team is the most recent team to repeat as National Champions? Florida

Have fun with your family and friends during the big games of the NCAA March Madness tournament and start a new tradition of quizzing each other on college hoops fun facts.

Enjoy game day!

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