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NCAA expands video replay in approving rules changes for upcoming season

NCAA approves changes for upcoming hockey season
NCAA approves changes for upcoming hockey season
National Collegiate Athletic Association

Expansions into video replay were one of many proposals that were discussed and approved by the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee in Indianapolis this week. Under the new guidelines, it is allowable to review if a goal was scored prior to a penalty occurring.

Also, if offsides or a too many men penalty is missed by the officials, and a goal scored, it is reviewable until the puck leaves the offensive zone. Previously, the review only occurred if the missed call led directly to a goal. Lastly, the “restriction” that video replay had only limited to broadcast television has been formally lifted.

Other changes discussed come full circle to proposals discussed in meetings back in the spring, which include an optional “warning-track style” look-up line, which is not mandatory but is permissible.

“I would say that, generally, we dissected our game and ultimately believe our current rules are serving us well,” said Tom Anastos, chair of the committee and head men’s coach at Michigan State. “We continue to work to find ways to improve our game long-term, but I would say we’re pleased with where we are right now.”

Let's also use this space to talk about a couple of changes made to shootout and penalty shot procedures as well. In one instance, as Minnesota's Adam Wilcox knows all too well from his brush with a goal cage at the Frozen Four this past April, intentionally moving a goal to circumvent a shootout or penalty shot attempt has come under scrutiny. Under the new rule, which makes sense: The referee has a choice of whether to award a goal to a penalty shooter for the goaltender intentionally moving the goal, or the team can be allowed to shoot again.

Secondly, with injured penalty shot takers, players on the ice at the time of the shot are only allowed to replace the injured player.

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