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NC rescued cat who escaped from foster home still missing in Santa Clarita

Cali was lost near Santa Clarita, California

A cat named Cali was rescued from a North Carolina shelter and had a wonderful forever home waiting for her in Santa Rosa, California. Unfortunately, she was lost before completing the last leg of her trip. I was contacted by Kelly Powers Fitzpatrick, who assisted with her rescue, and asked to help. Kelly stated in her email

"I was involved in this because I am with the group that helped get Cali rescued from the shelter in North Carolina. One of my group members fostered her until her transport was arranged, and another group member had adopted her ~ he lives in California and Cali was being transported to him when she got lost."

Cali, a beautiful 8-month-old black and white green-eyed "tuxedo" girl, was picked up by transporters on December 6, where she was flown 3000 miles from North Carolina to Los Angeles. This was the first leg of her journey, and plans were for Cali to stay overnight in Santa Clarita before continuing on to her new home in Santa Clara.

While staying at the home of a cat foster, the unthinkable happened. Cali escaped. The foster took Cali outside on a leash and harness, where she soon wiggled out of the harness and ran. Cali went missing in a condominium community near Vista Del Canon and Via Princessa in Newhall. A search was initiated, but it didn't take long for everyone to give up on the lost kitty.

Cali is still missing after a month, and her family and friends have turned to social media for help.

Cali's dad is frantic, and is hoping someone out there has taken in this sweet kitty. Please crosspost this article, especially among friends in the Santa Clarita, California area. If seen, please contact her dad Devin at (707)292-8800.

For those of you who question why a California man would adopt a cat from North Carolina, this is quite common. Thanks to a system of transporters, it's now possible for a cat to travel thousands of miles to it's new home. Remember this when looking at photos of cats up for adoption. When you fall in love with that special cat, the one that touches your heart, remember anything is possible.

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