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NC megachurch pastor admits adultery after only 9 months on the job

Reggie Weaver, 33, Senior Pastor of Megachurch commits adultery and is headed for divorce.
Reggie Weaver, 33, Senior Pastor of Megachurch commits adultery and is headed for divorce.
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According to the Christian Post Monday, megachurch, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC will be without a senior pastor because of his recent admittance to having an affair for the entire nine months he has been the pastor. Rev. Reggie Weaver, 33, and wife, Ashley-Anne Masters are headed for divorce; once he admitted that he was cheating on her since July of last year. The Westminster Presbyterian Church is a 2,000 member church and was shocked at the news that Weaver sent in a letter two weeks ago.

Can you believe yet another megachurch pastor has committed adultery, and is getting a divorce? Adultery and cheating is nothing new, so why does it seem to be more prevalent today? It almost seems popular to announce this kind of tragedy. The opportunity to communicate news about your personal life is tempting, and travels really swift once put into the hands of social media.

Weaver apologized in a letter to the Salem Presbytery: I have violated my ordination vows and my wedding vows," the 33-year-old Weaver confessed in the letter, which was mailed to the congregation on Friday by the Salem Presbytery, the regional governing body for local Presbyterian (U.S.A.) churches. "I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness.

This young married couple seems like they had so much promise. What went wrong? Weaver and his wife previously spent four and a half years in Chicago, where he pastored the First Presbyterian Church and the congregation was much smaller. But did they know trouble was waiting in North Carolina?

Notice the different last names. It is not uncommon for husbands and wives to have different last names, but the wife's name is not even hyphenated to include Weaver. Expect more to come out in this story, because everything hasn't been told. Weaver has been put on paid leave while the situation is be addressed by authorities in the Presbytery.

This is a sad situation for the church, but it is not the end!

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