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NC man on probation for animal cruelty arrested after 9 decomposing dogs found

Jeffrey Scott Landers had 9 decaying dogs on his property
Henderson County Sheriff's Department

A North Carolina man on probation for animal cruelty is in trouble with the law again, WYFF4 News reported May 2.

On Thursday afternoon, North Carolina State Probation Officers called Henderson County Animal Enforcement officer to the home of Jeffrey Scott Landers.

Landers, 40, of Howard Gap Road in Henderson County, was faces multiple charges, including nine counts of cruelty to animals, after nine dogs in various stages of decomposition were found on his property.

Landers was also charged with two misdemeanor charges for failing to dispose of dead domesticated animals and one count of probation violation. The probation violation stems from a February 6 conviction for animal cruelty in which the judge made it a condition Landers couldn't own any animals.

The dead dogs were in an outside storage building in locked kennels and dog carriers. Eleven live dogs were seized from the home by Henderson County deputies. This included

*2 dogs
*1 rabbit
*1 lovebird
*1 African Grey parrot
*6 cockateils

All animals are now in the care of Henderson County Animal Shelter, where they'll be evaluated.

Landers was arrested and taken to Henderson County Detention Center, where he's being held on $46,000 bond.

This scenario is becoming the norm in states where those convicted of animal cruelty are given a slap on the wrist rather than hard jail time.

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