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NC dad rescues daughter from lunatic road rager slamming their car
Photo of the battered Saab belonging to Raleigh, N.C. dad Christopher Jost, who dragged his daughter to safety after an enraged driver rammed their car multiple times, then chased the father and daughter on foot into a grocery store.

You never know what’s going to set people off. Christopher Jost from Raleigh, N.C. quickly found out that it doesn’t take much. Fox News on Wednesday detailed the horrific road rage incident that happened Feb. 9.

ABC Action News 13 released audio of the dramatic 911 call from the terrified dad and daughter.

“I've got a guy that's following me, and he's rear-ended me and now he's following me again,” Jost tells the 911 operator as his daughter's screams can be heard in the background.

Dispatcher: “And what is your name?”

Jost: “He hit us again! Oh, my God… He's just hit us twice… He just broke my window, broke my car. I’m freaking out. Jesus! He’s trying to kill us! Please!”

Jost was driving on a highway in Raleigh last weekend, having just picked up his daughter from the movies, when his car was rammed from behind by a deranged driver, later identified as 25-year-old Remy Blaisdell Gagon.

The Raleigh Police Department said Gagon followed Jost’s Saab into the parking lot of a Whole Foods. Gagon followed them in, and while Jost circled and attempted to elude the other car, Gagon repeatedly used his vehicle as a battering ram.

The Raleigh dad is being hailed as a hero for his selfless actions to protect his daughter. After waiting for the right moment, he sent his daughter out of the car on the opposite side and into the safety of the store, while he waited in the car to keep the driver distracted. Jost then fled into the store as well, with Gagon behind. Police arrived and took the unhinged Gagon down.

Gagon faces four counts of assault, two with his car categorized as "assault with a deadly weapon," and one charge of careless driving for the Saturday night attack.

Road rage incidents kill an estimated 1,500 Americans every year. I have repeatedly seen, and been involved in, incidents of irate drivers who target you, unknowingly, for some perceived misdeed on the road.

What happens to individuals as they sit behind the wheel of their car? Consider this – If you are closely following a person into a store, almost every time they will make at least a partial effort to hold the door open for you, no? But put us in our cars, and suddenly that same person displays Gestapo-like enthusiasm to keep me and my “can I please merge” turn signal out of their precious lane.

Ever been involved in a road rage incident? Let’s hear about it. Leave your comments below.

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