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NC dad posts video of himself in hot car to bring awareness to child heat deaths

The USA Today posted a story today about a North Carolina man who says he is tired of people leaving their children to die in hot vehicles. Terry Williams of Raleigh, North Carolina has become an Internet sensation by posting video of himself sitting inside his car while its 90 degrees. In his video, he sits in the car with the windows rolled up and no air. He said he would never leave his kids in a car under these conditions. He also says he can barely breathe as he sweats.

NC dad Terry Williams says he is tired of people leaving their kids to die in hot vehicles.
Facebook photograph

His message is to tell viewers not to be the next fool on the news that left his child in the backseat. People have even posted their own videos of themselves sitting in hot vehicles on Williams’ Facebook page.

According to the website, Jan Null, CCM, Department of Geoscience, San Francisco State University provides statistics about children that have died in hot vehicles from 1998-current. In 2014, at least 16 children died inside a hot vehicle. Since 1998, more than 620 children have died after being locked in a vehicle.

The site provides the following statistics about 606 children that died in a hot vehicle from 1998-2013:

· 312 (51%) deaths after child was “forgotten.”

· 177 (29%) died playing in an unattended vehicle

· 111 (18%) intentionally left in the car

· 6 (1%) unknown reason

Note* Nearly half of the children in these statistics were 2-years-old and younger.

Currently, a Georgia man named Justin Harris, 33, was recently arrested for leaving his 22-month-old son to die in a hot SUV. The boy sat in the SUV for seven hours in 90-degree heat. Police report Harris had done Internet research on how long it would take a child to die in a hot car. Harris has pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed his son. If convicted, he could find himself on death row.

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