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An NBI report confirms Deniece Cornejo performed oral sex on Vhong Navarro

Vhong Navarro, Deniece Millinette Cornejo
Vhong Navarro, Deniece Millinette Cornejo
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Just yesterday, Jan. 28, 2014 (Philippine time), Atty. Alma Mallonga, one of the lawyers of Vhong Navarro, filed 6 cases against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and his men before the court.

According to Atty. Mallonga, they have solid evidence that will back up Vhong Navarro's statement not only on Buzz Ng Bayan with host Boy Abunda but with the National Bureau of Investigation as well. She said the CCTV footage is their most essential evidence in the case.

"When you see the CCTV footage, if ever you get to see it at the proper time, you will be appalled by the brazenness of the named perpetrators of this crime, and even more by the psychotic ability to say with a straight face that this is what happened," the lawyer said.

Meanwhile, if Atty. Mallonga has already assured the public that they have a solid evidence in the case, Niko Baua, one of the ace reporters of ABS-CBN, the biggest network in the country, tweeted a report from the National Bureau of Investigation. An NBI report confirmed that Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo had sexual encounter last Jan. 17.

Ferdinand Navarro y Hipolito a.k.a Vhong Navarro met Deniece Cornejo at a shoe store two years ago wherein they exchanged their contact details, friendship was developed through communication at Facebook, however, their communication stop.

Their communication rekindled two months ago through Facebook and Viber. Their communication ended up to a personal meet up at Deniece Cornejo's condominium unit at Forbeswood Heights Condominium, Bonifacio Global City Taguig wherein after consuming one bottle of white wine, they made out and it led to oral sex where Deniece Cornej repeatedly inserted in her mouth the private part of victim.

Thereafter, when victim left said place, Ms. Cornejo sent him a text message "Bad Boy Ka" (You're a bad boy) and victim replied "Sorry Talaga" (I am really sorry).

In an interview with host Boy Abunda last Sunday on Buzz Ng Bayan, Vhong Navarro revealed that he had an encounter with Deniece Millinette Cornejo, but according to him, no penetration has been made. Allegedly, after he went out of the condo unit, Deniece texted him saying that he's bad. "You're bad (Bad boy ka), she texted me," Vhong said.

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