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NBC to air Peter Pan Live: Will Miley Cyrus star in 'Peter Pan Live'?

Will Miley Cyrus star in Peter Pan Live?
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

NBC plans to air Peter Pan live on Dec. 4 of this year. With the wild success of "The Sound of Music Live," producers have gotten together to decide which film they would try to do next -- and they have decided. It is still pretty early in the planning process but big names have already popped up for the starring roles. Those names include Miley Cyrus who could either play Tinkerbell or Wendy (via Yahoo! News on Jan. 19).

"Miley Cyrus! I'll be coy about that, too. We literally just started talking about it. We have to go to those actors before we talk about it in the press," said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt when asked about the potential cast.

NBC plans to air "Peter Pan Live" a couple of weeks before Christmas just as they did "The Sound of Music Live." This was a great family night and it was perfect for a cold winter's Saturday night. Choosing to air a live musical on a winter weekend is also a smart idea seeing as television viewership tends to be higher in the winter months.

The network will really have to hit a home run with "Peter Pan" so you can be sure that the cast will be very talented and undoubtedly popular... which means Miley Cyrus might not be on the list. The producers want the show to appeal to everyone -- so actors who are less controversial are far more likely to get the lead roles.

With NBC's plans to air Peter Pan Live in the works, who do you think should be cast?

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