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NBC 'The Night Shift' Michael accidently takes Ecstasy pills for bad eye sight

The Night Shift” (NBC) can be seen each Tuesday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on June 17, 2014 was called, “Grace Under Fire.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 6.58 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.4 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. “Person of Interest” (CBS) grabbed 5.20 overall & 0.8 with adults. “Celebrity Wife Swap” (ABC) nabbed 2.40 overall & 0.7 with adults.

The Alamo re-enactment
NBC television

The Night Shift” has an ensemble cast. Here are 6 main characters, Brendan Fehr (Drew), Freddy Rodriguez (Michael Ragosa), Ken Leung (Topher), J.R. Lemon (Kenny), Eoin Macken (TC Callahan) & Jeananne Goossen (Krista).

Grace Under Fire” opened with the night shift handling a group of men who re-enact “The Alamo” every year. A man comes in on a gurney who is shot in the leg & he was a part of the re-enactment. An EMT tells Jordon that they shouldn't help him because he is a Christian Scientist. San Antonio memorial could be sued. Jordon ignores it & brings him into the hospital.

Michael Ragosa is the head of the hospital who tries to keep it running through public donations & raising funds. He went through medical school, but cannot practice because of his bad eye-sight. It sidelined his chances of becoming a doctor. Those eyes are getting worse as he goes through a divorce while trying to see his children.

Michael suspends Jordon right when she is about to operate on the male Christian Scientist. He was shot with an old musket gun during the re-enactment. Jordon told Michael that she cut off his medical bracelet. Meanwhile, Drew & four other army comrades are on a night training expedition. They're all talking about gays in the military where Charlie doesn't like them one bit. Drew hasn't told them he's a gay & their training vehicle crashes.

All of them are injured badly & they depend on Drew to help them. He takes care of each one & Drew realizes that he's also injured. The guy named Charlie has disappeared & it appears he was thrown clear of the crashed vehicle. The hospital therapist named Landry has to diagnose the Christian Scientist as incompetent in order to treat him at that hospital. He's unconscious & TC asks her to declare him incompetent. Landry says no because she has to do her job even though Jordon went against hospital policy.

Jordon confronts Landry about her sleeping TC. Michael swallows ecstasy pills which he thought were aspirin to help his eyes. Drew is carrying Charlie to safety late into the night, but they end up on the army firing range.

Is the Christian Scientist incompetent? Can Drew save his army comrade? Will everyone find out that Michael took ecstasy pills? You can watch the full episode of “Grace Under Fire” at the official website of “Hulu.”

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