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NBC 'The Night Shift' July 15 season finale has Topher shot & hanging onto life

The Night Shift” (NBC) can be seen each Tuesday evening at 10/9 p.m. The new medical drama has been picked up for a second TV season with a 14 episode order. There were only 8 episodes in the first TV season as it comes to a close. The season finale episode “Save Me” will be broadcast on Tuesday July 15, 2014 at 10 p.m. It has become the highest rated TV scripted drama of the summer.

TC & Topher
NBC television

The Night Shift” is set in a hospital named “San Antonio Memorial” at San Antonio, Texas. It is filmed entirely at Albuquerque, New Mexico. It surrounds the lives of doctors & nurses who work on the night shift.

Shift” has an ensemble cast. Here are 6 main characters, Brendan Fehr (Drew), Freddy Rodriguez (Michael Ragosa), Ken Leung (Topher), J.R. Lemon (Kenny), Eoin Macken (TC Callahan) & Jeananne Goossen (Krista).

NBC has been promoting the season finale with previews of “Save Me.” The promo shows Topher getting shot during a hostage crises. The doctors work hard to save his life. TC blames himself for Topher getting shot & cries in the arms of his former lover Jordon. She is dating a new doctor named Scott who tells her that TC is nut-job who will bring everybody down with him. Topher begins to bleed out as TC goes desperate in the operating room.

The last episode called, “Blood Brothers” gave us a hostage situation. TC & Topher went out by helicopter to help two injured men in a small plane crash. One man died & the other was seriously injured. TC found two bags of cocaine which made it look like the two men were transporting drugs. When TC & Topher brought the injured one to the hospital. They were met by an angry DEA agent (drug enforcement agency).

TC & Topher brought the injured male to get an MRI to see what was wrong internally. Dwayne runs the “cat scan” machines & the DEA agent pulled a gun on him, TC & Topher. The agent then shoots Dwayne in the head & kills him. He also wants the injured male to talk so he could find out where the cocaine money was located. TC & Topher try to keep the man alive so he can speak.

TC had been having periodic flashbacks about his brother in the middle east. They both served in the same combat unit when TC's brother was killed in action. TC tried to save him, but could not. Back in the present, Jordon went to check on TC & Topher. She was pulled into the room & held hostage too. Michael glanced at a security camera & saw a gun pointed at Jordon before she was pulled inside a door. He quickly called in the S.W.A.T team.

When S.W.A.T invaded the medical room from the ceiling. TC had another flashback of army combat. He didn't want to hesitate & then tackled the DEA agent. As the agent went down onto the floor, he fired off his gun & Topher was shot point-blank in the stomach.

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