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NBC's Up All Night with Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate and Cast of NBC's Up All Night
Christina Applegate and Cast of NBC's Up All Night
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Am I alone in my 'like' of the former ABC series, Samantha Who? starring child star-comedienne Christina Applegate? I still remember the last episode and was highly disappointed. Yes fans got to see the 'connection' and her friend-man-roommate but it seemed a little rushed. But then very few short-lived TV series get that opportunity. Remember the show, Half & Half, starring Rachel True and Essence Atkins, and that fateful moment when Mona had to choose between the model-like chef Lorenzo Lathan [Charles Divins] and the suave Chase [Lahman Rucker]. The series had been building on that moment for months and then 'SNAP' - oh no you didn't-- the series was cancelled.

Well I felt the same disappointment with Samantha Who?. Still Ms. Applegate is a survivor, in more ways than one, as she also dealt with breast cancer. Her ability to maneuver in television and film is equally admirable as her comedic timing, (hey I still watch Married with Children reruns and movies Sweetest Thing, The Big Hit and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead)

With that said, fans of Ms. Applegate's can check her out on NBC this fall in the show, Up All Night, co-starring Will Arnett and Saturday Night Liver Maya Rudolph, all coincidentally are parents in their own right--no wonder they're up all night! Heh, heh. Um--okay, I didn't say I was a comedienne. But I definitely appreciate a good laugh or two.

The show will focus on how the challenges of being a parent while balancing work and life. What parent can’t relate to that? With the comedic rapport between the cast members let's hope the show has a longer lifespan than that Samantha girl.

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