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NBC's The Marriage Ref

NBC’s The Marriage Ref debuted last night after the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies. Married life takes center stage in this hilarious new show as disputes between real-life couples are revealed, examined and ultimately judged. It’s produced by Jerry Seinfeld and features a panel of three celebrity judges and comedian Tom Papa who ultimately makes the call and determines the winner of each couple’s argument. This episode’s celebrity panel was Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld.

Which side are you on?
The Marriage Ref

My husband and I watched the show together and we couldn’t stop laughing. The first couple was fighting over a stuffed dog. Not a stuffed animal…no, a real dog that had been stuffed. The husband had loved this dog and built a little shrine of sorts in their home so it could be on display forever. The wife was not having it. The panel heard both sides of the story and Tom made the final call. They all unanimously decided that the dog should not be on display in their home and that the husband would have to keep it in the attic. The whole process was absolutely hysterical.

The next couple was fighting about whether or not they should install a stripper pole (or as the husband referred to it “an exercise pole”) in their bedroom. The wife was completely against it, while the husband thought it was a great idea. They both voiced their opinion and then turned it over to the panel. Once again, the wife was the victor.

This show is a refreshing and humorous take on reality TV. Its fun to take a look into someone else’s marriage and see the hilarious things they disagree about. The couples are great sports and whatever decision is handed down to them by the panel, they agree to. This show is fun, fresh and in my opinion, gives NBC a much needed shot in the arm. The show will be aired in Nashville on Thursday’s at 9:00 PM.

This week’s panel of experts: Jerry Seinfeld, Eva Longoria Parker and Tina Fey.

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  • slobby 5 years ago

    what good does it do to leave comments if you just delete the ones you dont like? bottom line is that show was terrible

  • Holly 5 years ago

    I'm glad that you're so interested to come back and check. It's my article though and I can delete negative comments if I choose to. That's what's wonderful about having your own space. I do appreciate you stopping by though and I'm glad to hear your opinion...but I actually like the show so we will have to agree to disagree.

    I'm no authority on TV shows but it pertained to my subject matter so I thought I'd do a short review. I understand if you can't stand the show, but you don't have to be harsh. And no, I'm not paid by NBC. I just thought it was a fun new twist on reality TV (which I'm not generally a fan of). Being a newlywed, I thought the subjects were hilarious.

  • HMT 5 years ago

    Great article Holly! Sounds like a funny show :)

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