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NBC's Parenthood: What will happen next?

Everyone enjoying NBC's Parenthood is wondering what writers are planning this season. Could too many changes cause the show to lose viewers?

What will happen next on Parenthood?

With the changes that have already taken place on Parenthood, some have voiced their concern on Facebook and other sites. Will writers continue to upset viewers and chance losing a portion of the audience that might be important to sponsors?

One complaint from several viewers was the change in the relationship of Julia and Joel. While many were enjoying seeing at least one couple on television seem to show how they could hold their life together amid the chaos in their world, writers seemed to have other ideas?

If you are a fan of NBC's Parenthood, will you continue to watch the show if things change drastically? Can you handle death, divorce and infidilty being part of one of your favorite television shows?

View the Facebook page for Parenthood and see what others are saying about the show and any changes. Full episodes can be seen on the NBC site, which is great for anyone who missed one of the shows.

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