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NBC resurrects 'Heroes' as a limited series set to air next year

Once upon a time on Monday nights, 24's Jack Bauer and NBC's Heroes were waging a battle not only for ratings, but also a pivotal battle to save the cheerleader and the world from the forces of evil.

Now, with FOX and Kiefer Sutherland bringing Jack Bauer out of hiding this summer with 24: Live Another Day, NBC is about to mark the next, long-awaited chapter of Heroes, with the 13-episode series entitled Heroes: Reborn, according to

Created by Tim Kring, Heroes was a worldwide sensation when it premiered in the fall of 2006 with the premise of ordinary people known as "specials" who are blessed -- and cursed -- with extraordinary abilities, which includes flight, invulnerability, empathy, time travel, and power absorption. After discovering their "Genesis" and uncovering "Generations" of their kind, the Heroes fought "Villains" before becoming "Fugitives" from the federal government, but found "Redemption" in the end.

Like 24, Heroes was canceled in the spring of 2010 after four seasons and five volumes.

After Heroes, Kring collaborated with Sutherland on Touch with Emmy winner Sutherland (who also executive produced) as Martin Bohm, a widowed father with a gifted, autistic son whose abilities with numbers allows them to not only make a difference in the lives of the people they meet, but also the lives of those around the world. Touch was canceled in May 2013 after just two seasons.

Heroes: Reborn premieres on NBC sometime in 2015.

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