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NBC News predicts RFID chips in humans by 2017

Claim that ObamaCare will require implanting of RFID chips
Claim that ObamaCare will require implanting of RFID chips
The PCMDGazette

The mere mention of the issue of implanting RFID chips in humans, like the ones already used in dogs and other animals, leads many to instantly view the issue as a tin-foil hat, outside of the mainstream, conspiracy theory story. But could it really be true that the Obama Regime wants us all to have these RFID chips implanted with our complete medical records and other information stored on them? Let's put on our tin-foil hats and look into the issue. Shall we?

But what would many think when a mainstream news outlet such as NBC predicts that humans will be implanted with RFID chips by 2017? Here is the video, which clearly Brian Williams of NBC news predicts that we'll be using these RFID chips by 2017. Click here to watch and listen.

This article in a publication called The PCMD Gazette, which also featured the NBC video, claims the chips will be used by 2017, and also claims they are mandated in H.R. 4872, more commonly known as ObamaCare, and even gives this link to the legislation from the web site of the House of Representives of Congress. The article says the part of ObamaCare that it claims is about RFID chips begins on page 1014 of the ObamaCare legislation.

Part of the language of 1014 of ObamaCare makes reference to “(i)a class III device; or (ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life sustaining.” This to me sounds like an implanted device given to some, for medical necessary for survival, such as a heart pacemakers or maybe a device installed for a Type I diabetic to administer insulin directly into the blood stream. So maybe this is not really about implanting RFID chips?

If I were in the position of authority in the government to interpret this provision, and the accompanying regulations, I would say it's not about RFID chips. But does this therefore debunk the claims that the Obama Regime might use this to require all of us to get implanted RFID chips? No, because we know this Regime is completely lawless, and will interpret any law, or provision of the Constitution to mean what they want it to mean, or they will just outright ignore and violate the law and the Constitution.

The bottom line is, if the Obama Regime wants to cite this and use it as their “authority” to hand down an executive order requiring all citizens get RFID chips, they will just do it, as they have done any number of other things including the recent implemention of carbon taxes by executive order, or the “dream act” provisions to enact amnesty by executive order, or Obama's illegal firing of the CEO of General Motors during the federal bailout of two of the three domestic automakers.

Obama or a future progressive president elected from the far left by try to do this. It will be up to the people to resist and then vote out of office any politician that was part of making this happen, if it ever does happen. I have my doubts that they will require it. I think the medical industry will sell people on it, selling them on all the alleged advantages, and medical insurance companies will eventually make it a requirement of the terms of medical insurance coverage. I can see a future were most will voluntarily get implanted. Since the government likely believes it will get most to accept the RFID chip voluntarily, they won't use force to mandate it. Will they use fraud to try to scam the non-compliant into getting one implanted? That's another question also.

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