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NBC News Alert: CDC Reports Over 25 States Have Reported Widespread Flu Activity

We have a video on 'NBC News Alert: CDC Reports Over 25 States Have Reported Widespread Flu Activity', and want to let our friends and neighbors know the situation seems to be getting worse. According to local news reports, there have been several deaths in Tennessee, including one young girl in Hendersonville. WSMV TV, our local NBC affiliate told about both this flu-related death and the recent surge of residents who want to get a flu shot now in a recent story online:

This year's deadly flu season has people all over Middle Tennessee scrambling to get a flu shot. In some places, including Nashville, health officials are answering the call by offering a free shot...

Metro health officials say the death last week of 11-year-old Savannah Hyden, from Hendersonville, got a lot of people's attention and drove up a desire to get that (flu) shot right now in the very peak of flu season.

We know some friends and family who have had the flu and were hospitalized because of it, so the flu is nothing to 'sneeze at', so to speak.

If you haven't had a flu shot, they are being given free at most of the Metro-Nashville health clinics. More information can be found on the WSMV story online at: 'Metro Public Health Dept. offering free flu shots'.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may have more helpful information on the flu outbreak and other health concerns. Check out their website online.

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