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NBC has cancelled 'Dracula'

Jonathan Rhys Meyers will no longer play Dracula
Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

To no one's surprise, NBC announced yesterday May 10 that they have decided to cancel television's most recent vampire show, "Dracula" after one short season. The show starred Jonathan Rhys Meyer as the way to young looking Count Dracula. The show was met with high ratings the first few episodes jut fell quickly as the story began to really irritate true Dracula and vampire fans with weak and whiny Dracula who really only cared about one thing, the love of Mina.

Now any Dracula fan knows that Dracula was in love with Mina but he wasn't a whiny " I can't live without her" vampire. He was a strong aristocrat who brought fear to his enemies. This show really just made many vampire fans compare it to the other "romance" and "weak" driven stories about vampires.

It did show Mina as a strong female of her time, which was one of Stoker's goals with Mina. And even having her in medical school which was rare but not impossible during that time, she still didn't have the strength that Mina usually had.

But, the big question for vampire fans is whether or not vampires time on television is over? With the ending of both "Being Human" and soon to be "True Blood" is the day of the vampire over? Grant it " The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" have been renewed but their viewings each week have declined. Is it time for the vampire to retreat into the coffin for another decade or so?

NBC has also cancelled "Believe", "Community", "Crisis", "The Michael J. Fox Show","Revolution", "Sean Saves the World", and "Welcome to the Family".

So, what do you think about "Dracula" and the other shows that NBC has cancelled.

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