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NBC 'Dateline' Did pregnant wife push husband to his death in 'Shattered?'

Dateline” (NBC) can be seen each Friday & Saturday evening at 8/7 p.m. It was announced on the official Facebook page that there will not be Saturday night episodes until further notice. This episode is called, “Shattered.” It was reported & narrated by Andrea Canning. The news program investigates crime & murder in the United States.

NBC Television

Josh & Amber Hilberling had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Amber was 7 months pregnant & expecting a baby boy, they already named Levi. They lived in an apartment in the “university club tower” that reaches 25 stories high. In the summer of June 2011 at 4 p.m. Josh had crashed through their apartment window & fell 17 stories down onto a deck. Nathan McGowan heard what he thought was a fish tank crashing. He then heard a woman scream. Another neighbor had taken a photo of Amber running toward Josh on the deck.

Two witnesses saw Josh fall out of the window. They claim that his body was flailing. Police thought at first that it was a suicide or an accident. Amber was visibly distraught as she & her grandmother Gloria sat inside a police station interview room.

When Amber sat in that room. She was being tape recorded & a story began to unfold. She claims that she was arguing with Josh & then pushed him toward the window. The police had to figure out what happened when she pushed him & how. The investigation began by looking at their marriage. Amber's mother claimed that their romance snow-balled into a pregnancy. Josh's dad said his son was making a mistake by marrying Amber.

Their marriage fell apart right after the wedding. Josh had packed his bags in the tower apartment & was planning to leave Amber. The police looked at the whole apartment & there was nothing moved. It didn't look like there was a struggle. Police believed that Amber deliberately pushed Josh & she was later charged with second degree murder.

The public turned against Amber on “Facebook.” She gave birth to Levi, got breast implants & was always news camera ready. The prosecution offered Amber a deal of 5 years in prison if she pleaded guilty. Amber did not take the deal because she felt she was innocent. Josh's family confessed that Amber was abusive to Josh who took out a protective order against her.

Did Amber plan to kill her husband? Or was it just an accident? You can watch “Shattered” at the official website of “Dateline.”

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