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NBC 'Dateline' Did 2 sweet manipulative twin daughters stab mother to death?

Dateline” (NBC) can be seen each Friday & Saturday evening at 8/7 p.m. Last night's episode on Aug. 1, 2014 was called “Bad Blood.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 5.70 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.2 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. “What would you do?” (ABC) grabbed 3.52 overall & 1.0 with adults. “Hawaii Five-0” (CBS) nabbed 4.39 overall & 0.5 with adults.

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Dateline” is an investigative program covering crime & murder in the United States. Last night's episode was reported & narrated by Keith Morrison.

Bad Blood” opened in the small town of Conyers, Georgia. Nikki Whitehead lived in a secure neighborhood to raise her twin daughters Jasmiyah & Tasmiyah. That was before she had been brutally murdered. Nikki was a wild child who got pregnant with her girls at age 19. She became a hair stylist & met an older man named Robert Head. She moved her girls in with him at Conyers.

Nikki went to a school for “fashion” & raised her cute daughters the right way. In 2010, Jasmiyah & Tasmiyah came back to live with Nikki after staying with their great grandmother. On Wednesday Jan. 13, 2010, they came home from school & found their mother dead. Nikki was in the bathtub & it looked like there was a fight that left a bloody trail from the front door.

The sweet daughters are seen on video crying for their grandmother. One of the two girls was found biting her own arm. Both of them claimed that they had last seen Nikki when they took off for school that morning. The detectives came to the conclusion that it was a rage killing & not a robbery. Robert is a truck driver who had to be tracked down because he wasn't at the home when Nikki was killed.

A strange black car was seen around the house. One of the girls said that Nikki had another boyfriend named Joe Carter. He was a barber who worked next to Nikki's job place as a hair stylist. The detectives interviewed Robert who said he knew about Joe. He only wanted Nikki to be happy when he was driving on the road.

The detectives then took a look at Joe because Nikki & him had broken up. Joe was said to be crying when they told him she was dead. The police looked at him thoroughly & asked him to take a lie detector test which he passed. They came to the conclusion that Joe didn't have anything to do with his ex-girlfriend's death.

The two boyfriends were excluded as suspects. Was it someone Nikki knew who had killed her? Why were the twin daughters so rebellious? Did both of the daughters fight their mother before? You can watch the full episode “Bad Blood” at the “Dateline” website.

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