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NBC 'Dateline' 1996 murder by bomb 'Mystery on Sunrise Drive' traced to ex-wife

Dateline” (NBC) can be seen on Friday & Saturday evenings both at 8/7 p.m. Last night's 2-hour episode on June 20, 2014 was called, “Mystery on Sunrise Drive” (8-10 p.m.). It garnered 6.16 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.1 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. In the hour of 8 p.m., “Shark Tank” (ABC) grabbed 4.25 million TV viewers & 1.0 with adults. “Undercover Boss” (CBS) nabbed 3.76 overall & 0.7 with adults.

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“Dateline” is an investigative news program that covers crime, & mystery in the United States. “Mystery on Sunrise Drive” was reported & narrated by correspondent Josh Mankiewicz.

“Mystery on Sunrise Drive” opens with Tuscan, Arizona. Everyone seems to know everyone & they all heard about the murder on Nov. 1, 1996. Everybody talked about the horrific homicide of Gary Triano. He was a successful real estate developer & entrepreneur who was very rich. He even rubbed elbows with Donald Trump. His family called him brilliant & charismatic. He had 5 children & four of them were created by two former marriages.

Gary had finished a golf game on Nov. 1. He went into the parking lot & climbed into his car. The power of a bomb exploded & Gary was killed instantly. He was supposed to attend a surprise birthday party soon after that golf game. James Gamber was one of the first police detectives at the scene. It was only his second homicide case.

The roof had been peeled off by the explosion which laid behind the car. The front windshield was blown 70 feet away from the vehicle. It flew over trees that stood 20 feet high & landed in the swimming pool of the La Paloma country club. Gary's wrist watch stopped at exactly at 5:38 p.m. His family didn't know who or why this could happen.

The FBI came into the investigation & James said that the bomb was homemade. It was 17 inches long & 1 ½ inch wide. It was also set off by remote control by someone who was in the parking lot when Gary sat inside his car. James said that the bomb was in a plastic bag that was sitting on the passenger car seat. He said that when Gary got into his car, he reached for the unknown bag & it was detonated.

The killer was still in the area & the detectives had a short time span to catch him or her. James said that through the investigation Gary didn't care about his personal security. He always left his car door unlocked. He also never locked his home & someone had checked on Gary's whereabouts the day he was killed. A man called the country club to see if Gary was playing golf. That man couldn't be identified. Sheriff Clarence Dubnick claimed it was a professional contract hit.

Who hired the hit man to kill Gary? Was it the mob? Did Gary owe money to anyone? Was Gary in debt to the IRS? You can watch the full 2-hour episode of “Mystery on Sunrise Drive” at the website of “Dateline.”

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