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NBC commentary on Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies improves

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Despite NBC not streaming the Opening Ceremonies live and airing the tape delayed broadcast during primetime, it was a vast improvement from the London Opening Ceremonies in the summer of 2012, where many of their comments were deemed inappropriate and offensive.

Many U.S. based viewers were able to watch the live stream via the various online sites that hackers made available to eager international audiences. The BBC, once again, did a fabulous job with its live stream commentary.

The tape delayed Opening Ceremonies on NBC was actually very good. The network edited some parts of the program and riddled it with advertising segments but it wasn‘t bad at all. The network did not butcher the parade of nations and while some editing was necessary, NBC did its best to bring its viewers the important aspects of the ceremonies. Besides, the network had to make its money too. Overall it was a vast improvement from two years ago.

NBC commentators were careful in their comments about the Opening Ceremonies and at times seemed to embrace the Russian empire. At least, that was what Florida Senator Marco Rubio perceived.

The GOP Senator took to Twitter to vent his disgust at the lovefest that NBC commentators were commenting about the former Soviet Union.

@marcorubio - “The #nbcolympics intro is absurd. The Soviet Union was a "pivotal experiment"? Really? No, it was an #evilempire that murdered & oppressed.”

Many of Rubio’s comments seemed highly inappropriate for an Olympics event, especially coming from a public servant. The Olympics are supposed to be about bringing countries together and not destroying the reputation of one, even if we disagree with their politics and policies.

@marcorubio - “Looks like #nbcolympics intro was written by #Putin himself. When is the segment on his murder and jailing of his opponents going to run?”

Others on Twitter took the high road. The Sochi Opening Ceremonies was beautiful and breathtaking but it was not without its glitches. Due to a technical mishap, one of the snowflake rings did not burst open like the other four to represent the five Olympic rings.

The Twitter-verse decided to have some fun with this. @ExtraTrainer tweeted: "The gay Olympic ring - too scared to come out in Sochi #Sochi2014"

While @yvolkovich posted a picture of a covered individual running off with the missing Olympic ring.

And while there were some negative comments online regarding NBC’s commentary today, it was nowhere near the deservedly negative publicity they received for the London Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in 2012.