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NBC cancels 'Community' after five seasons

NBC canceled Community after five seasons.
NBC canceled Community after five seasons.
NBC with permission

Six seasons and a movie has been a mantra for "Community" fans for years now, hoping they could will the show into a future that would culminate into some sort of bizarre screen adventure featuring the Greendale Community College crew. But on Friday, May 9, NBC finally put the show to rest for good, canceling the cult hit after five seasons.

Last season, the show ended with so much uncertainty, that it was part of the finale's plot line. Abed (Danni Pudi) even teased viewers with one final cryptic statement, "We'll definitely be back next year. And, if not, its because an asteroid has destroyed all of human civilization. And that's canon."

The final nail in the coffin isn't that really that much of a surprise considering the show was on the proverbial chopping block each and every spring it seems, despite a huge fan following and numerous campaigns to keep the show around. The show survived numerous time slot changes, moving from Thursdays to Fridays, then back to Thursdays; sometimes starting in the fall, sometimes as a mid-season replacement.

"Community" will be remembered for helping put Chevy Chase back on TV, even if his time at Greendale ended with a fit and a tantrum, as most Chase-TV relationships seem to. But more importantly it helped launch some fresh comic talent including Donald Glover and Danni Pudi. As Troy and Abed, they were one of TVs best buddy duo, always getting themselves into some sort of idiotic but hilarious situations from paint ball wars to building huge blanket forts.