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NBC announces 'Heroes Reborn' will premiere in 2015

Hayden Panettiere starred in NBC's "Heroes"
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Heroes” was one of the first television series to bring back superheroes in a cool way. The show premiered in 2006 on NBC and was canceled in 2010. Since the cancellation, the superhero market has blown up. There are several new shows that cater to the fandom, and many of them are doing pretty well. According to a Feb. 24 report from CNN, NBC will give “Heroes” a reboot and introduce a 13-part event titled “Heroes Reborn.” The series is set to return to television next year.

Fans of the show are having mixed feelings regarding the announcement. First, the original characters will most likely not be returning, which is disappointing. If the show isn't focused around what “Heroes” was, it won't make much sense to original fans. It needs to appeal to both new fans and old fans. Good news is that the original creator is going to be running “Heroes Reborn."

There has not been an exact date released for when the 13-episode series will begin airing, only that it will be in 2015. The potential to draw a big audience is there if the creators do it right. When “Heroes” was canceled many fans were upset with how the writing was handled and where the show headed. “Heroes Reborn” will either do extremely well or bomb, but fans believe it will be a hit for NBC.

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