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NBA 'We Are One' shirts offer insensitive colors? Black shirt with white letters

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver holds a press conference to discuss Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver holds a press conference to discuss Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The NBA is looking to put the racist remarks allegedly said by Donald Sterling in the rear view mirror as the controversy has upset fans and players equally in a huge scandal. After taking swift action, the NBA has tried neutralized the situation as the Los Angeles Clippers owner has been banned from the games. Now there is a new campaign for fans to buy a shirt saying “We Are One” to support the unity of every person who participates in the games, be it a fan or a player. According to Spokesman Review on Sunday, the shirt sales are going to benefit anti-discrimination and tolerance organizations.

The chance to support tolerance and remind everyone that hatred shouldn't be found in society is a noble idea, but people have to ask why the shirts are black with white lettering? This color scheme seems a bit insensitive for the situation, doesn't it? Since this scandal has captured the spotlight in the Los Angeles community and beyond, people are watching the issue carefully.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on Saturday that the t-shirt (and other merchandise) has the message along with Los Angeles Clippers logo (on one version) or the NBA logo (on another.) Each are available to fans around the country and give people a reason to share their unity together when attending the games.

Which brings people back to the color of the shirts. If people are really looking for unity, why did the NBA choose a black shirt with white letters? It seems completely insensitive to the situation. It would be equally insensitive if it was white with black lettering. Why not a blue shirt, a green shirt or even red? Pulling people away from racism a different color would have offered everyone a chance to wear a color that represents the community.

Perhaps the color choices for the shirts were just made in a rush, but as big as this scandal has become, the NBA should have considered every detail before deciding on rolling out a new line of shirts that really don’t seem to reflect a sensitive touch to a huge issue facing the league.