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NBA trade rumors 2014: Kevin Love trade could now involve Philadelphia 76ers?

All-Star Kevin Love could be playing for a new city very soon.
All-Star Kevin Love could be playing for a new city very soon.
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Activision

NBA trade rumors for 2014 have included Kevin Love quite often. Now there are fresh NBA trade rumors that could link Kevin Love to a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. So how has this all come about? Apparently the front office in Minnesota has its eyes on Thaddeus Young as a potential replacement at the power forward position. According to a report from ESPN on Monday (July 28), the Wolves have opened discussions with Philadelphia about that possibility.

The end game here could be that a three-team evolves out of these negotiations, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls as possible destinations for the Love. Netting an All-Star power forward like this could make a team like the Cavs overpay, especially if the 76ers just want a future draft pick or two in exchange for Young. Young does have a lot of talent in the low post, but could be a way for the 76ers to get even younger in an obvious rebuilding year.

These latest 2014 NBA trade rumors might not lead to anything in the short-term. If one of the key components of any deal is No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins of the Cavs, then he cannot be dealt for the next four weeks. After signing his rookie deal, there is a 30-day waiting period between the official signing and when he can be dealt. That would still leave a lot of time before the regular season gets started, but it could also certainly lead to a lot of additional news stories about the situation.

Recently, Love removed himself from Team USA just days before training camp for the FIBA World Cup is set to begin. He wanted to focus on his future in the league and likely didn't want to deal with the constant distraction of possibly getting dealt. Now he can focus on his offseason workouts, talk things out with his agent, and will also be available to talk about contract extension with a new franchise should a deal come close to getting worked out.