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"NBA teams adding knockout punch players to their 2014-2015 rosters"

City of San Antonio and the Spurs players celebrate championship with rally and parade
City of San Antonio and the Spurs players celebrate championship with rally and parade
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

NBA teams are adding dynamic players to their 2014-2015 rosters in hopes of reaching the playoffs or being two of the final teams playing for the Larry O'Brien championship trophy. Teams will need to add great players with great scoring and defensive capabilities if they are to compete with the 2014 NBA champions San Antonio Spurs.

As it is known thus far, the Spurs did not lose any of their core players. San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with the reigning NBA champions. Tim Duncan chose to opt into the last year of his contract instead of opting out. Spurs Australian Guard Patty Mills, despite having surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear, signed a multi-year deal contract that was reported to be in the $12 million range for over a period of three years. Patty's rehab is said to take approximately seven months of rehab. French Power Forward Boris Diaw whose unbelievable and excellent play in the playoffs gained him a new three-year, $22.5 million contract.

Four teams stand out as possible contentions for the Spurs.

The Washington Wizards, who beat the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the 2014 NBA playoffs have added veteran Paul Pierce, DeJuan Blair and Kris Humphries to an all star caliber team that seems bound to make it back to the playoffs for the 2014-2015 NBA season.

The Dallas Mavericks also is a team that may have some success for next season. They have brought back Tyson Chandler who won a championship with the Mavericks back in 2011. They have also signed Raymond Felton, Chandler Parsons, Jameer Nelson, and Richard Jefferson who are all capable of scoring at will.

The Chicago Bulls improved somewhat by adding Pau Gasol to their roster. They also added players Aaron Brooks, rookie Doug Medermott, and Yugoslavian Forward Nikola Mirotic. With Derrick Rose seemingly healthy once again, along with Joakim Noah and also keeping shooting sparks Kirk Heinrich and Mike Dunleavy, Chicago may be back in the highlights once again.

Let's not forget about the Cleveland Cavaliers who have their home grown star Lebron James back. James presence back has magnetized players to the Cavaliers. Mike Miller and James Jones have followed James to Cleveland from Miami. It is also possible that Kevin Love may be making his way to Cleveland as well.

So who will be the dominating team or teams for the upcoming NBA season? Who will prevail and who will fail? One thing for sure, this 2014-2015 NBA season will be an interesting one.

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