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NBA playoffs teams cheerleaders with hottest bodies in 2014 (20 Photos)

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The following is a list and slideshow of 20 photos of the cheerleaders with the hottest bodies from teams that are in the NBA Playoffs in 2014. All of the teams with the cheerleaders with the hottest bodies, except for the Laker Girls, are in the NBA Playoffs in 2014 (see photos).

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Hope you enjoy the photos of the cheerleaders with the hottest bodies in 2014 from teams in the NBA Playoffs. Watch for the hot bodied cheerleaders from the photos at NBA Playoffs games this season.

NBA Playoffs teams cheerleaders with hottest bodies in 2014 (20 Photos)

The Miami Heat cheerleaders are called the Heat Dancers. The Miami Heat are trying to win a third consecutive NBA Championship in 2014.

  • Indiana Pacers Pacemates

The Indian Pacers cheerleaders are called the Pacemates. The Pacers had the best record in the East with 58 wins in 2014.

  • San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers cheerleaders

The San Antonio Spurs had the most wins in the NBA this season with 62. The Spurs cheerleaders are called the Silver Dancers.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

The Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleaders are called the Thunder Girls. Kevin Durant won his fourth scoring title in 2014 with a 32.0 points per game average.

  • Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

The LA Clippers cheerleaders are called the Spirit Dance Team, and being in LA you know their some hot bodied women on the squad (see photos).

  • Toronto Raptors Dance Pak cheerleaders

The Toronto Raptors cheerleaders are called the Dance Pak. The Raptors won 48 games in 2014 and won the Atlantic East.

  • Chicago Bulls Luvabulls cheerleaders

The Chicago Bulls keep chugging along without Derrick Rose and keep making the playoffs. The red hot Bulls cheerleaders are called the Luvabulls.

  • Houston Rockets Power Dancers

Can James Hardin and Dwight Howard lead the Houston Rockets to a NBA title in 2014? The hot bodied Rockets Power Dancers cheerleaders certainly think so.

  • Washington Wizards Wizard Girls cheerleaders

The Washington Wizards cheerleaders are called the Wizards Girls, and they are smking hot.

  • Portland Trail Blazers Blazer Dancers cheerleaders

The Portland Trail Blazers cheerleaders are called the Blazer Dancers.

  • Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team

The Memphis Grizzlies came on like a house on fire at the end of the season to make the NBA playoffs, which made the Grizzlies Dance Team oh so happy.

  • Charlotte Bobcats Charlotte Lady Cats

The Charlotte Lady Cats are the hot bodied cheerleaders of the Charlotte Bobcats.

  • Golden State Warrior Girls

The Warrior Girls are the cheerleaders of the Golden State Warriors.

  • Brooklyn Nets Brooklynettes cheerleaders

The Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders are called the Brooklynettes.

  • Dallas Mavericks Mavs Dancers cheerleaders

The hottest bodied cheerleaders in the NBA just might be the Mavs Dancers cheerleaders for the Dallas Mavericks (see photos).

  • Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancers

The Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders are called the A-Town Dancers.