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NBA playoff standings 2014: New York Knicks chasing down NBA playoff berth

NBA playoff standings 2014 news has the New York Knicks within one game of the No. 8 seed now. The updated 2014 NBA playoff standings in the Eastern Conference reveals that the win by the Knicks over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night (March 30) moved them to just one game back of the Atlanta Hawks for the No. 8 seed. It certainly wasn't pretty, but out-scoring the Warriors 34-12 in the second quarter helped spur them to a very important win as the season starts to wind down.

Can Carmelo Anthony help the New York Knicks sneak into the 2014 NBA Playoffs?
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant Admits To Tanking?

The Indiana Pacers also posted an ugly loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, falling to 52-22 and now holding just a one game lead over the No. 2 seeded Miami Heat (50-22) in the East. The 42-31 Toronto Raptors and 41-32 Chicago Bulls are the next two seeded teams and all four have already clinched a spot in the postseason. The No. 5 Brooklyn Nets are 39-33, the No. 6 Washington Wizards are 38-35, the No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats are 35-38, and the No. 8 Hawks are 31-41. The Knicks are one game back at 31-43 to bring up that ninth spot.

The Western Conference now has the 57-16 San Antonio Spurs holding the best record in the league with a 17-game winning streak in the latest 2014 NBA playoff standings. The Oklahoma City Thunder sit three games back at 54-19 and the LA Clippers are 5 1/2 games back at 52-22. All three teams have also clinched a spot in the postseason now. Behind the three top teams are the 49-23 Houston Rockets at No. 4, the 48-27 Portland Trail Blazers at No. 5, and the 45-28 Golden State Warriors at No. 6. The 44-30 Phoenix Suns have shot up to the No. 7 spot and are a tie-breaker ahead of the No. 8 Dallas Mavericks at 44-30 as well. The No. 9 team is currently the 43-30 Memphis Grizzlies, showing how close things have become.

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